Hustle Smart.

Pay Less Taxes.

Paperstack is an incorporation, bookkeeping, and tax filing platform, built for e-commerce.

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"Every day I hear about e-commerce sellers spending thousands of dollars to incorporate with an accountant or a lawyer. Fortunately, there are services like Paperstack that can help for a fraction of a cost."

Nick Haughton
Senior Software Developer at NorthOne Banking
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Fractional CFO for your Online Store

Paperstack helps you start your business, manage finances, and file company taxes - all in one place.

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Easy Incorporation

Seamlessly incorporate your e-commerce business in minutes and get all the required paperwork.

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Monthly Bookkeeping

We will handle your bookkeeping, categorize store revenues and expenses, and maximize tax deductions.

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Tax Filing

Remit sales and income taxes directly from our platform, always on time and without any manual input.

Roses, not taxes.

Focus on growing your online store, and leave bookkeeping and taxes to us. Paperstack will categorize your business expenses, find and maximize tax deductions, and help file your business taxes.

Bookkeeping "on the autopilot"

Why track your expenses manually? Paperstack will automatically capture and categorize your expenses, track earnings, and maximize tax deductions. Simply link your debit and credit accounts - and let our technology handle the rest.

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Tax filing for e-commerce

Our platform helps e-commerce sellers stay on top of their taxes. We prepare financial statements, calculate tax deductions, and help remit taxes directly to the government.

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All your financial data in one place

Paperstack automatically categorizes all expenses derived from your bank accounts, and organizes your sales data from e-commerce, billing & payments platforms such as Stripe and Shopify.

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Intuitive e-commerce insights

Use our real-time reporting to qualify for inventory & revenue-based financing, plan you marketing budget, and project your sales volumes.

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Approved by a professional CPA

We hired professional accountants, so you don't have to. Every report and tax filing is verified by a real CPA so you can have a peace of mind.

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